Ani Balikci, 63 years old is an Armenian. Her son Sevag was killed during his obligatory military service in a police station, he was shot by another young soldier.  The trial has been in course for the last 7 years, there is also another dreadful detail : The incident happened on the 24th of April, the day we mourn the Armenian Genocide. This may make you think that the death of Svega wasn’t an accident but more of a racist murder. Despite this theory the court has imposed its verdict : The incident was ruled as a pur accident. The responsible was released after 3 month in prison.  That bullet who killed Sevag was it just an accident ? Or was it used as a racist crime to perpetuate the genocide that continues to be present in different ways?

From those questions this story exploits two main angles :

We follow Ani.  The main character in her every day life and we witness her daily struggle trying to get justice and prevent what happened to her to happen to anyone else. We also hear her reading letters she wrote to her son after his death, while we see images of the Anatolie center where the family has some origins.

We meet Kivanc Agaoglu. The soldier who killed Sevag. To shed some light on what really went down , we see in what kind of environment he grew up and try to understand how the fact that he killed someone affected his life. This search pushes us in conflicts and unsaid that the Turcs try to avoid.