Born in 1969 in Moscow, Vladimir leaves the USSRat the age of 6. He went to school in France and spended his summer vacation in Russia, Witch allowed him to become bilingual and to experience the subtlety of the Brejnev system from Andropov to Tchernenko and from Tchernenko to Gorbatchev. He then returns in russia under Vladimir Poutine to film the Brahmane du Komintern.  Before that he studied the political history of Russia for another film :Nissim (Max), co-directed with his brother Pierre. his last film about the family past under the Soviets is a short documentary film on his aunt Nina,Adieu la Rue des Radiateurs (Nina).  Vladimir Léon also directed fictions :Loin du front, with Harold Manning and Les Anges de Port-Bou a medium-length film on the traces of the philosopher Walter Benjamin. In 2013, with the choreographer Julie Desprairies,  he directes a movie about dance and architectures : Cinq points de vue autorisés in the Courtilières, And in 2014 he shoots a documentary portrait on the sculpterRaphaël Zarka, le Polyèdre et l’Eléphant, the film was co-produced with the Pompidou Center. Vladimir is also an actor for directors such as Louis Skorecki, Serge Bozon, Jean Paul Civeyrac, Eric Rohmer, Pierre Léon, Christine Laurent, Pascal Bonitzer, Axelle Ropert.


-1998 Loin du front (with Harold Manning, fiction, 63 minutes) Theater release : janvier 1998.

Dunkerque’s Film Festival 1996.

Belfort’s Film Festival 1997.

Premiers Films en Ile de France 1997

-2003 Nissim dit Max (With Pierre Léon, documentary, 86 minutes),

Film Festival of the magazine Cinéma,Galeries Nationales du Jeu de Paume 2003.

Marseille’s International Documentary Film Festival  2004.

-2006 Le Brahmane du Komintern (documentaire, 128 minutes), Film supported by Cannes Acid. Theater release : octobre 2007.

Prix du Groupement National des Cinémas de Recherche, FID Marseille 2006.

Film Festival Etats Généraux of Documentary, Lussas 2006.

Film Festival En Route Vers le Monde, La Roche-sur-Yon 2006.

Opening Film of the documentary  Film Festival , Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2006.

Bordeaux’s Film Festival Novart, 2006.

Laval’s Film Festival Reflets du Cinéma, 2007.

Festival Documenta Madrid 2007.

Doc’s Kingdom, Serpa, Portugal, 2007.

Charleroi’s Film Festival Arrêts sur Image, 2007.

Paris Film Festival Cinéma du Réel, 2010…

-2008 Adieu la rue des Radiateurs (Nina) (documentaire, 37 minutes),

Official Selection at the Panorama Film Festival Côté Court de Pantin 2008,

Official Compétition FID Marseille 2008,

Rencontres du Cinéma Français Pau 2008,

Film Festival Les Correspondances Manosque 2008,

Film Festival ActOral Marseille 2008, Cinéma du Réel,

Centre Pompidou 2009.

-2011 Les Anges de Port-Bou (fiction, 43 minutes) with Elise Ladoué and Laurent Lacotte.

Official selection  Viennale (Vienne, Autriche) 2011,

Rencontres de Cerbère, 2011,

Official Selection International Bradford Film Festival 2012 (U-K),

Official Compétition fiction FestivalCôté Court (Pantin), 2012.

-2014 Cinq points de vue autorisés sur les Courtillières (fiction, 7 minutes, coréal. Julie Desprairies).

Official selectionFestival Côté Court (Pantin), 2014,

Vendôme Film Festival 2014,

Jeu de Paume, Paris 2015.

-2015 Le Polyèdre et l’Eléphant (documentaire, 70 minutes), diff. : TV Sud, Tënk.

Film Festival Cinemed 2015,

Film Festival Fata Morgana, Fine Arts of Angers 2015,

Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, 2016,

Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, 2017…