“This is a story about a ball. A grand ball.

In the bocage bourbonnais, during July, for more than 27 years , with rain, mud, wind or sun  we dance, during 7 days and 7 nights.

Every one in a big circle we are more than 2000, from every age, children and octogenarian, we speak every language, we come from everywhere, turning, looping, twisting, trampling , sweating, laughing, crying, singing, playing, living

I dance too

But this year i’m going there to make a film , trying to share , to make visible this swirl for those who do not know it. The film is like a swirl .                                                                                            Dancing, dancing, holding on, dancing, dancing, dancing, sleeping, dancing, dancing, listening to your body, the exhaustion, drink, dance, trying not to miss anything even if your going to sleep, dancing and meeting new people.

To film the looks, the stares, the in between performances, the community, the singularities, the movement, the agility, the simplicity of the experienced, the let go , the freedom , the soft madness, the trans, the humanity behind it all, the joy on the faces, the wait, the blooming love, the tiredness, the bonding that make you hold on your feet.

To show how it’s different when you dare to touch someone else, when you look at them, when you live together and life is pumping.”

Lætitia Carton