The Madagascar in shorts collection offers a journey deep into Malagasy culture through six 26-minutes long documentaries.This collection, stemming from the Docmonde program, contributes towards the emergence of a new generation of Malagasy documentary and film makers. The six directors come from various background and have different points of view on society. Their projects focus on the social, economic, geographical and political issues which affect this region of the world.


RONGONY by Judicaël Fabrice Andrianavalinarimanga

In Tamatave, in the neighborhood of Tanamakoa, the rongony became a social phenomenon that spreads every day. It’s sale and consommation aren’t ready to disappear. A history that I knew, lived, and repeats. Following the every day routine of 4 characters, I want to embark the spectator into this very peculiar world.

QUATRE ANS APRÈS by Julie Anne Melville

In Tamatave, two young primary school teachers, Rita and Lalia, face difficulties of the adaptation of the children in first grade, one is in a public school, the other is in a private school . despite their similar work, they live and teach in very different conditions. In a country where education is unfortunately not a priority.


Travel notebook of young malagasy musician who choose in flee the political insecurity of her country. Back in her country, convinced that taking refuge in her Art is the way out of this permanent crisis, she invites herself in the creation bubble of other Artists. Her trip becomes a identity quest and the beautiful discovery of a new face of Madagascar ignored until now


In the middle school of Ambodisaina, a teaching establishment in the country side, the teachers must face horrible economical and material conditions. To cope with this, some teacher accept to teach multiple fields, with no formation for it. We call them “skeleton key” teachers.

LES PAKAFY by Yvan Prat

They have the passion for theater, improbable and surprising even. Here in Tamatave, on the east side of Madagascar. rehearsing under the sun , the wind, the noise and indifference, with this desire to create an art inexistant in their town, Trying to relight a fire of cultural resistance. Invited in their home the cameras walk by their side, in the quest of a stage, a book, a screen play.

LONGUE VIE AUX MORTS by Maminihaina J. A. Rakotonirina

For malagasy people who honor their ancestors, if a deceased  is in his tomb , his spirits still lives and keeps its individuality and family bond. In Alasora, On the high central lands of  Madagascar, Marie the dwarf , takes care of a royal tomb she was entrusted with and greeds the visitors who come to ask the ancestors favors.