Thank you doctor ! by Adilet Karzhoev

At 77 years old, Ernst Akramov is a living legend of medicine in Kyrgyzstan. He devoted 56 years of his life to surgery, exploring all its finesse and secrets, a true vocation for witch he sacrificed his private life. Where others choose glory and money, Akramov only needs his patient recoveries. It’s been now 20 years that the doctor, spends his nights alone , in the hospital. Where he chose to live in a little room in his work place so he can only focus on his patients.

Indeed he became a talented doctor, but it costed him his personal life : no wife, no kids. Despite his popularity, he is often alone. All he posses is a desk and patients. Akramov fights every day for the life of others just like his fighting against himself.

But what hides behind the solitude that squeezes this man devoted to the human cause?

Why didn’t he start a family ? What is he going to do when his hands wont be able to hold a scalpel anymore ?