“Proverbs from around the world” is a series of short one minute clips.
Each episode portrays a man, woman or child in their country, as they
recite a proverb from their culture and comment on its meaning. An immersive journey around the world, its usages and cultures, original and intimate through which we discover the most human part of each country : its wisdom.

“When one starts exploring the world of proverbs, one is surprised by the number of true gems that can be found. The viewer is invited to explore the wealth of each proverb and discover the beauty and pertinence hidden within them. There are words and proverbs but the journey itself does not end there. “Proverbs from around the world” invites us to meet perfect strangers from a foreign land who will become familiar in just a minute. Choosing and commenting on a proverb naturally brings out a high level of sincerity and intimacy from the speaker. Moreover, the viewer realises that even though the protagonist may be far away, he feels familiar. Even though he does not use the same word and perhaps does not share the same perspective, his feelings are the same as the viewer’s.

No matter what our differences are, “Proverbs from around the world” shows that we all share the same feelings about life. Proverbs are a universal way of expression. They can be found everywhere, even within specific regions. Short but precise, they share an enigmatic beauty and can be understood by all, outside the bounds of a same culture.They shine in all areas of life : identity, morals, family, society, money, work, religion, love… The short format opted for makes the proverbs particularly pertinent and allows them to guide us, teach us about ourselves and others. They are therefore relevant to anyone, regardless of their age or social condition. Each episode is shot at a different location The proverb is said by the temporary protagonist at the very beginning of the episode but is also written on screen at the very end.”

Hervé Lozach