Vietnam’s heirs take an interest to the generations of mixed race children born from Martinique soldiers involved in the war of Indochina, and Vietnamese women torn by a war for freedom.

From 1946 to 1955, many martiniquans participated in the war in Indochina by the side of the french from the metropolis, for many martiniquans, their participation in this colonial war was lived as a shame.

Among those soldiers , some found Vietnamese woman next to the battle field and had children with them.

After the war , those “families” more or less official had to face the deportation of the soldiers. some of those Martiniquans soldiers  decided to stay in Vietnam with their family. Others brought their wife and children with them to Martinique, others went back home alone.

Sons and daughters of Vietnam talk about the descendants of the soldiers that now live in Martinique.

Wherever it’s in Martinique or Vietnam, the children and grand children grew up in racial societies , those who grew up in Vietnam  experienced the War and lived in a ambigious context after the colonisation. Those raised in Martinique. were the object of a complex segregation.

Anette born in the south of Vietnam and Jean Claude born in Martinique, both with a Vietnamese  other and a Martiniquan father. Like many of the descendants, they suffered discomfort, misunderstanding and conflicts around their double origins from their own family and society.

This film as the ambition  to create a common history to this generation, following the path of many of those “Sons and daughters of Vietnam”  lookink for the other half of their family tree. going through the life of their parents , through encounters and travels in Martinique and Vietnam , those children of two different world will share, memories , desires , angers, troubles, together they try to reclaim history