At the age of 80, photographer Marc Garanger retraces his career and tells us what is at the basis of his vision: the war in Algeria, the gulags of the Soviet North, the resistance of the indigenous peoples of Siberia and the tireless struggle for the decolonization of thought.

“I made a self portrait, I made a self portrait and I called it “self portrait of anger”. I was very angry! France forced me to participate in a war that I didn’t want anything to do with , when every one around me was shouting “we won!” I was convinced that we were done. I put all I could off strength inside my images to tried to counter the horrible speech every one had.  All that symbolized what war really is. The Algerians , those people weren’t humans , they were beast so France could killed them in any way possible. That’s what this war was about, thats what was this war, nothing else, just racism.”