We the unquiet is a collective cinema experience that takes place in a therapeutic reception centre in Reims (in the East of France). The film offers an indirect self-portrait of the Artaud center in which patients and staff play along in order to give a more human picture of madness. With the advent of the DSM-5 (classification of mental disorders) and a tendency of psychiatry to think of the illness in terms of symptoms rather than focusing on the human point of view, the Artaud centre poses as an alternative.

«There was this black hole, 
This white noise invading us, making us unquiet 
and the ever lasting question : Is another world possible ? 

 I”m else,
 like everyone , cause who is “like the others” ?
We are all else 

I am mirror, 
the madness of the others is your own madness you can’t see. 
We are mirrors 

I’m a unquiet, with no remedy,
here between the infinite big and the infinite small, 
We are, Us , the unquiet “