After studying literature, language and Iberian and American-latino civilisations. Anne follow the classes of the CFPJ (Centre de formation et de perfectionnement des journalistes)  in Paris; Then she follows a formation at INA (Institut national de l’Audiovisuel), after getting her Press card in 1986 as a redactor at theProgrès de Lyon.

In 1989, she becomes part of the General Information service and writes the top News stories for the  edition  of the Loire region.

1992 : She travels in Latin America, and is really interested in the Indigenous difficulties and the rights for the Natives.

She works for Clara magazine, Témoignage chrétien, Alternatives économiques et l’agence Explorer, the events that follow the Zapatista revolution in Mexico, the movements of in guerrilla inGuatemala and in Nicaragua, A collaboration for writing the collective book Les Voix de l’Oubli (Édition Anako)  intro by Yves Coppens and writing of the book « Mayas », text that goes with the work of a photographer of the Agence VU, intro by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (CLD Editions)

from 1993 she start to work as a free lancer for different magazine, mainly the group Prisma : GEO, Ça M’intéresse, VSD, National Geographic (Spain) and also  Bretons, Beaux Arts Magazine. She travels around Mexico, Guatemala , Colombia and Peru.

She animated the Central American commission for the ICRA International (International Commission for the the rights of the  Native People) She also worked with the association “fémin’autre” at the REEV programe (Rencontres, Echange, Expériences, Vidéos), she directs documentary around the exchange of life experiences between woman of the south.

Her first film “Les hommes de la Jambyya”, short documentary film on the market of Sanaa and her customary law is obtained during a study financed by the Sorbonne Nouvelle, in 2004

From June 2010 to January 2015, she’s a journalist in charge of the General Information Service of France-Antilles (International and national).

For the last past years she’s been writing and directing documentaries with Jean-Pierre Hautecoeur :
– Casbadji, enfants de la Casbah une légende d’Alger, en 2007
– Les hommes de la pota, in 2011
– Touche pas à mon pitt, in 2012
– Du bèlè à Harlem, in 2013
– Les facteurs d’âme, in 2014
– Quand passent les baleines, in 2015
– Un chapeau pour la vie, in 2015