Damien Faure graduated the School of Fine arts in St-Etienne. He directs tens of movies. For more than 15 years, he’s especially interested in the fate of the inhabitants of the people of West Papua who struggle to survive against the Indonesians military forces.

He then directed 3 documentaries on the subject West Papua, in 2002 on the asymmetrical conflict and on the life conditions of the Papuans rebels in the national liberation army. Sampari (2008) he followed a Papua delegation to claim their independence of their people at the United Nation meeting in New York in 2010, Damien Faure went after the traces of the Papuans Rebel leader.  The general Bernard Mawen, and directs La Colonisation oubliée.

John Frum Airport is his first Full feature film, where he tells us the fate of the Papuan community of West New Guinea, and its  disparition and tries to resist, military and culturally to a Colonial State under the orders of  multinational entreprises.