Photographer and video maker. Through his last series of pictures, edited by Actes Sud (Act), he took a very personal approach to the injunction “taking a different look at the handicap”. Previously, he finished a video installation about the First World War (Ligne de Front).


Act, introduction by Michel Frizot, interview with Virginie Chardin, Actes Sud Editions, November 2011.

Hyper, text by Dr Amanda Crawley jackson, Filigranes Editions, january 2009.

La Chute, text by Virginie Chardin, Filigranes Edition, april 2007.

Bobigny centre ville, Marie Desplechin and Denis Darzacq, Actes Sud Editions. May 2006.

Le ciel étoilé au dessus de ma tête, text by François Garaude and Georges Tony Stoll. Léo Scheer , Editions. May 2004.

A quatorze kilomètres d’Auxerre, Atlantica Editions. March 2004.

Ensembles 1997-2000, Actes Sud Editions, Altadis Price, 2000.

Only Heaven, Galerie du Jour, Paris 1997


Niepce price 2012.

First price at the world press photo 2007, category : « Stories » Arts & Entertainment (La Chute).

Altadis price in 2000.