She has been making documentaries since 2004, first with sound, then with film. Born in 1979, she studied anthropology at the EHESS in Toulouse, and cultural engineering at Montpellier III. Her creations question the links between the human and its physical and existential roots.

In her first radio documentaries, she focused on self-management practices in Argentina, then on transhumant livestock farming in the Ariège region and its essential relationship with the living, the wild and the social fabric. Her first film, La Panification des mœurs, won awards at the Festival International du Film d’Environnement and at the Ecollywood festival; bread and wheat form a revealing weft in our lives, through two universes that everything opposes. More recently, her film De l’art du collectif en milieu agricole won the Daniel Guilhem prize at the Caméra des champs festival. She pursues her reflection on food through a sensitive approach (Bruissement des vignes, Mangeurs de pain, Oreillettes revival, le Goût des voix). She has been involved with the Caméra au Poing collective since 2006, where she is responsible for a number of projects, as well as training and support for filmmakers. She also works occasionally as a sound engineer on documentary films (Angèl, Femmes de mères en filles ).