Writer-director-producer, Jean-Marie Gigon has trained on the job since 1981. In thirty years, he had the opportunity to step in all the fabrication’s phases of documentary and fiction films.

His short films led him to work with Jean-François Stévenin, Michael Lonsdale, André Wilms, Edith Scob.

Since 2005, he works on the development of his own company Sanosi Productions.




IMULAL, a land, roots and dreams, by Nüne Luepack, 58’, 2012. Broadcasted on Calédonie 1ère and France Ô in 2013. 2012 Nouvelle Calédonie 1ère Pacific Price .

Proverbes from around the world, by Hervé Lozac’h, collection, 50 x 1’20″, 2011-2012. Broadcasted on France Ô in 2012.

Times are changing, de Luc Leclerc Du Sablon, 99’, 2011. Released in theaters in 2012.


Le regard des autres (The eyes of others), 52’, 2008. Making off of the film “Les liens du sang” (“blood ties”, the original version), by Jacques Maillot.

Deux frères et un film (two brothers and a film), 26’. About the Papets brothers, writers of the book “Deux frères, flic et truand” (two brothers, cop and hoodlum) , which inspired the film “Les liens du sang”.

Le refuge (the refuge) – medium length – 1995, witg André Wilms et Édith Scob. Broadcasted on France 2.

L’Adieu (farewell) – short film – 1990, with Thierry Guedj. Broadcasted on Canal+.

Le Voisin de Paul (Paul’s neighbor) – medium length – 1989, with Jean-François Stevenin and Michael Lonsdale. Broadcasted on France 2 and Canal+ .

Il est encore temps (it’s still time) – short film – 1984, with Jean-Claude Broche. Released in theaters in 1986.

Work in progress

Les frontières de l’humanitaire (the boundaries of humanitarian), 90’, shot in Cambodge, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso and in France.

Je pars quand J’arrive (I leave when I arrive), 52’, portrait of Isabelle Rochereau, sculptor.