Jeanne Bourgon worked in a consultancy film specializing in environmental issues for local authorities. She then participated in the creation of a Regional Nature Reserve in the Catalan Pyrenees. In 2012, she took a three-year leave of absence to carry out a project which was very important to her: she wanted to draw the portrait of cheese makers that she had met through her husband, a mater cheese ager. She has just finished a master’s degree in directing at Esav (École Supérieure d’Audiovisuelle), a film school in Toulouse.

In 2017, she finishes  Cheese makers: old ways die hard, a collection of different portraits of cheese producers (4x 26 mn).

She’s now working on anew project for Television with Gégé le Prince, a new coproduction of SaNoSi Productions – Les Zooms Verts.

Miren (January 2017)

Award “INA” for first feature in the 16th edition of the International film festival of the Mountain – Autrans

People’s choice award in the 28th edition of the “Rencontres Cinéma-Nature” in Dompierre-sur-Besbre

Selected for the 57th edition of the Krakow Film Festival – Poland, 2017
Selected for the 48th Film Festival “Alpin des Diablerets” – Switzerland, 2017

Special Prize of the “médiathécaires” from Midi-Pyrénées for the documentary Month 2017

Etivaz (Janvier 2017)
Selected for the Film Festival Natururale/ Italia

selected for the “rencontres Cinéma-Ruralité” of Nannay

Special Prize of the “médiathécaires” from Midi-Pyrénées for the documentary Month 2017

Anawim (December 2017) 

Belloc (December 2017)