Marie Moreau lives and works in the Rhône-Alpes region , she’s a graduate from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Grenoble, film director, Artist-explorer , she co-fonds the project “Syndicat d’initiatives” activated on multiple time and represented in 2006 at the “biennale” Paris. Her films and artistic installation are nowadays presented in France and in foreign countries.  Her artistic installation, actions and movies are entrenched in the reality of our world.

Her movies ask the question on the theme on how to live together and the transmission of forgotten experiences. But also ask the question of wandering, places that aren’t really places , abandoned lots and other possibility of spaces forgotten, hidden, excluded. By the creation of different devices , she make’s her protagonists go toward a common aesthetic.

Marie Moreau co-funds the production society Les Films Cabanes (France, Grenoble) in 2014. She’s at the origin of the association in 2007. She intervenes regularly at the Ecole d’Art de Grenoble since 2007

By the presence of the author in her performances, the video installation or the experimental documentaries, the idea behind her images reveal a reality that is split, in the works. The man filming is filmed, the watcher is being watched. And it is first of all the re-presentation that flows, that talks about a world of desire. Marie Moreau seeks and discover at the same time as she finds herself taken in the same game as her protagonist.

Experimental documentaries, videos, artistic installations 

« Soleil sombre » 41 min. H.D 2017 Co-production Les films -cabanes et SensoFilms –
« Une partie de nous s’est endormie » 48 min. H.D. 2015.
« Objet Non Identifés. Vidéoconférence » 40 min. DV. 2011.
« Les Zones Analogues » 31 min. DV. 2010.
« i t i n é r e r » 8 min. DV. 2009. Production ESAG.
« Romantisme = Sublime = Vertige = Trébucher » 40 min. DV. 2008.


Soleil sombre, 2017
Cinéma du réel, Paris, 2017

Une partie de nous s’est endormie, 2014
Cinéma du réel de Paris, 2015 – Special Mention Prix des Bibliothèques
Mediterranean Film Festival, Siroki Brijeg
Vienna’s Viennale, (Austria)
Santiago’s Film Festival Frontera, (Brazil)
Florence’s Film Festival Dei Popoli, (Italie), 2015 – Grand Prix

Bruxelles’s Filmer à tout prix, (Belgium)
Marseille’s Semaine asymétrique,
Marseilles’s Film Festival de la Première Fois, 2016
Lyon’s Film Festivals Les Inattendus

L’Epine dans le coeur, Michel Gondry, 2009 – Editor