Mathieu Tavernier was born on the west side of the island “Marmay la kour” , ” son of the city “, thirty one years ago. He grew up in a good traditional Creole environment,  football  fan and bicycle enthusiast, It’s the books offered to him by his mother (maid in a wealthy family) that make him discover the “outside world” and embark him in a world of images and stories.

Since childhood Mathieu draws et try to reproduce on paper everything he see’s in the real world. After studies to become a cook at the Plateau-Caillou hotelier high school, He then took the formation ETICS a multimedia a digital 3D formation during 18 months, and decided to follow a 3year study to become a film director  at the superior school of Audiovisual in Paris. His artistic sensibility develops as he starts to paint and sculpt, His drawing evolve and stop being reproduction of life but reinterpretation of life, cultural references : Africain, occidental and Réunionese…

He went back on his island at the age of 26 , Mathieu works as a lay out Artist (2D,3D)  on the feature film Adama, produced by the studio: Pipangaï au Por. He also work on a animation TV-Show: Cairo’s Tales created by Gao Shan Pictures. At the same time he works with the association Zolizimaz and directs a few new stories focused on the inhabitants of the island and their way of life(Rakont anou). He intervenes also in eastern school establishment to initiate young kids to cinema and animation.

Dann zardin Pépé, is his first cinematographic documentary, on witch he’s been working on for a few years, including in a Writing residence of the association DOC OI. The project is now in development  with the producer Jean-Marie Gigon (SaNoSi Production) and Arnauld Boulard (Gao Shan Pictures) withbthe support of France Télévisions – Réunion 1ère.