After literature studies at the Sorbonne, Marie-Joëlle Rupp worked in the teaching the french language to foreigns, instructor at first , then  pedagogical advisor. She then goes back to school to study the law until she got the the DEA in criminology in Paris, working in the University search and as a probation officer in the high court of Paris.

The other important point of her life was motherhood, witch drove her after thinking off pursuing a career in the police department, she choose to entirely focus on a teaching career. She lived a local life until a decisive encounter in 1997… She finds her father she thought dead when she watched the documentary Lumumba, la mort du prophète de Raoul Peck diffused on television. An adventurer , rebel, specialist of Africa, who fled Algeria under the fundamentalist menace of the dark decade, after fighting for its independence 40 years earlier. She gets involved with The Algerian Diaspora and follow her father footstep, she becomes a journalist, writer.

Pendant un an, elle a été correspondante de La Dépêche de Kabylie à Paris.
Elle collabore aujourd’hui à différents médias – Le Monde diplomatique, Le Soir d’Algérie, Afrique-Asie, etc.

For an all year , she was the correspondent for the Despatch of Kabylie in Paris.                                                                                                                                                                                                                She now works on different medias – Le Monde diplomatique, Le Soir d’Algérie, Afrique-Asie, etc.

2005, Marie-Joelle Rupp publishes the portrait of an Algerian writer, L’Homme qui marchait dans sa tête, with Algérie, Littérature, Action aux Editions Marsa.
Next year in  2006, Le Kabyle qui aimait la mer, with the same publishing house, Then her first book, Vinci soit-il au Temps des cerises, a biographie on the singer Claude Vinci.
2007, she publishes  Serge Michel, un libertaire dans la décolonisation, the biographie of her father , with éditions IbisPress.
2009, Vigné d’Octon, un utopiste contre les crimes de la République. with the same publishing house.
2010, Théodore Monod, Appel à témoins, With IbisPress
with Algérienne autoproclamée, she works on the ouvrage collectif Algéries 50 with the publishing house éditions Magellan in 2012