Haïti is often badly represented with the international press. Without denying the importante difficulties of this country. Paolo Woods, italien photographer,  try to show us a different aspect, with new challenges such as the economical elite, the radios of the town Cayes, the presence of  American protestants…

Gade!  Is a documentary that talks about the work of this artist , installed since 2010 in Haïti.

From his exhibition in Switzerland to his vernissage at Port-au-Prince.  This movie ask questions about how we see this foreign land that is Haïti, all the cliché around the international reputation of this country. But Also the way Haitian see themselves. The title of the movie , “Regarde” (look)  in creole.  Affirm a demand : A principle of reciprocity, an exchange of sights that allow a new approach of Haïti.