Bobo and Michael Lonsdale, inside the great corridors in the castle of Versailles, talk about history.

“since he’s been 16 years old Bobo lives and work for me. He’s a little guy, diagnosed with microcephaly, deaf and muet,  He lived more than 40 years i  a psychological institute.

That’s where I found him, and I took him with me

Disability, I don’t like that word, I’m opposed to any sort of category. Disabilities can be a chance, better , it can be a chance. Inside Bobo there’s a mystery, as if everything was flowing through him.  He became a great actor, he doesn’t project anything. Like a magical dimension. everything that goes through him becomes him , When put’s on a coat he become’s that coat

We live in a time of “approval” , the obligation too conformity. Ever since I started living with Bobo, I know what is the beauty of life , it’s the difference.

When this project was brought to my attention , I knew I wanted to shoot in the castle of Versailles.

this enormous symmetrical architectural place,  the magnificence, the rooms filled with chandeliers, the furnitures, gildings, with the traces left by the powerful. Versailles is a symbol of absolute power.

I wanted to film the fragility in this place of power. I wanted two people to visit this place, like a walk. I offered Michael Lonsdale to play with Bobo. 83 years old, illness and old age, made him vulnerable. The big body of Michael ready to collapse, next to Bobo who’s body, more fragile. There’s at the same an opposition and similarity.  Only by them being there  in this royal atmosphere, words aren’t what matters especially when you have these two actors who tell us a lot only by being doing very little.”

Pippo Delbono